2023 book 1 : The Creak on the Stairs

Book cover for The Creak on the Stairs by Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir

Written by Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir and translated by Victoria Cribb, The Creak on the Stairs is a slow burn of a mystery set in the small(ish) town of Akranes, Iceland. In it we’re introduced to Chief Investigating Officer Elma, who has recently returned to her hometown from Reykjavic after her long-term relationship ended unexpectedly.

Quick bullet point review:

  • simple without being overly simplistic
  • well-written (and translated)
  • interesting protagonist (although the supporting cast is a bit shallow)
  • twisty plot (that unfortunately leaves a couple of niggling loose ends)
  • overall a quick and entertaining read

This is the first in what is (currently) a three book series, and is an ultimately satisfying read that left me eager to see what’s next for these characters. I will probably jump right into book 2, Girls Who Lie.