Garden Update – July 22nd 2016

Right now my hands smell of thyme and sage. Tonight we will have our first salads from the garden — a simple salad of mixed greens, and a small caprese salad with tomatoes and basil we’ve grown ourselves. There may also be mussels and/or salmon…we’ll see. Some photos, with notes. Indigo Kumquat tomatoes – this

Turkey chili with black beans and sweet potatoes

I love chili and we make it a lot in the autumn and winter. Sometimes you need to try something different, however, maybe lighten things up, eat less red meat, cram in a few more superfoods? That’s where this turkey chili came from, and it’s really delicious. Turkey chili with black beans and sweet potatoes

Sausage and vegetable pasta

We’ve made a few billion variations of sausage and vegetable pasta over the years, but this is one version I actually took the time to write down. It’s a simple and filling weeknight meal that is perfect any time of year, and is a great way to use up leftover grilled sausages. Timing depends a

Soba noodle salad with edamame and tofu

Mark Bittman did a soba noodle salad in his Minimalist article a while back, but his version was a little weird and involved entirely too much lime juice. I modified it a bit, and this is what I came up with. Soba noodle salad Ingredients 1 tbsp sesame oil 4 tbsp olive oil 1.5 tbsp

Baked salmon with lemon and tomatoes

This is one of my favourite ways to make baked salmon for a weeknight dinner. It’s fast and crazy simple — start to finish it takes about 40 mins, including prep time. You can change this recipe up in a bunch of ways, but this is how we’ve done it the last few times. This


As I’ve mentioned previously, Rob and I found and purchasedĀ a cute little house on a gorgeous bit of land in record time. And the house is great — really well built, very well maintained, new roof, new windows, dry basement, great insulation, etc. There were two problems, however: It was decorated in the mid 1980s

Garden update – July 4th 2016

In our original “move back to Moncton and buy a place in the country” plan, we expected to be house-hunting for at least a couple of months, with the end-goal of moving into a new place by the end of September. We blew that goal out of the water, however, accidentally finding the perfect spot

A little house by the river…

So, we bought a house. It’s been a whirlwind since my last update: we drove back to Toronto, finished packing/cleaning our house there, drove back to Moncton (one way trip!), settled into our temporary lodgings, started the house-hunting process, found the perfect spot on day 3, put an offer on it on day 4, finalized

Just about finished in Toronto…

Rob and I are in Moncton this week, having just driven the third and final truckload of our stuff here from Toronto. Everything we own is now stashed in a pair of storage units where it will live until we buy a house and some land here in New Brunswick. In a couple of days

A still-waiting-to-finish-moving update

Pictured above, a mid-summer New Brunswick sunset. It really is very pretty where we’re going. There’s not really a whole lot to update, since Rob and I are currently waiting out our close date in our mostly-empty house in Toronto. With the majority of our stuff already moved and in storage, it’s a bit of