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Garden update – July 4th 2016

In our original “move back to Moncton and buy a place in the country” plan, we expected to be house-hunting for at least a couple of months, with the end-goal of moving into a new place by the end of September. We blew that goal out of the water, however, accidentally finding the perfect spot in a matter of days rather than months.

The weekend after we took possession of our house, I leapt into action and planted six flats of seeds (from Vesey’s Seeds over in PEI), including:

  • lettuces (various red, various green, black seeded simpson, sweet gem, etc)
  • kale (blue curly & black)
  • zucchini (richgreen, golden, sunburst, magda)
  • swiss chard (kaleidoscope)
  • cucamelon
  • cucumber (calypso, summer dance)
  • spinach (space)
  • french beans (maxibel, teggia, soleil)
  • beets (bulls blood, boldor)
  • tatsoi
  • qing choi
  • chinese cabbage (emiko)
  • peas (misty, dalvay, sabre)
  • squash (sweet mama, sunshine, early butternut, heart of gold)
  • broccolini (artwork)
  • various greens (baby leaf, stir fry, spicy mix, etc.)

While those were busily sprouting, Rob and I built 10 4×8′ 6″ deep raised beds, and filled them with a mix of garden soil and seafood compost. I’ll tell you this: you know you live in the maritimes when your compost is full of lobster shells.


As for planting, we started with the sunniest bed and filled it with herb and hot pepper plants we purchased (not enough time to do those from seed this year). Yesterday, I planted out most of the seedlings and will finish those up today along with direct-seeding a bunch of radish (they don’t like being transplanted). The finishing touch will be making bamboo & twine trellises for all of the climbing things, such as beans, peas, cucumbers, and zucchini.

On top of all of this, Rob also built and planted four potato towers, using three types of seed potatoes. Suffice it to say, we’re super curious to see how all of this works out.

Anyhow, that’s the garden update for this week! More photos and updates soon!

photos by robcee