Spring has finally sprung – garden update, Apr 29 2018

It’s been rainy but warm for the past few days, so I did a quick tour of the garden this afternoon to see how things were coming along. Pictures!


All four beds of garlic are showing signs of life, with loads of sprouts up and starting to reach for the sky. The softneck seem to have a solid headstart on the hardneck varieties, but they’re all going strong.


I am absolutely thrilled with how happy and healthy the blackcurrants are — we just planted them last year, and did basically nothing to protect them for the winter (bad me), but they survived and are happily putting out new leaves and branches. They’re doing well enough that I’m tempted to plant some more this year, because blackcurrants are amazing and one of my favourite fruits. Homemade cassis! Jam! Dried currants for salads! Maybe we’ll plant red and white currants as well, because why not?


We planted four different haskap bushes last year and I swear to god I thought they were dead. They went completely weird in the fall and just looked dead. But they’re alive! And super happy! They’re still just little, but in a few years we’ll probably have more haskap berries than we know what to do with. I’m looking forward to having that particular problem.


No pictures because they’re not really doing a whole lot just yet, but they are alive and putting out little buds. We planted 3 different types last year. They’re in the berry patch with the blackcurrants and haskap.


I thought these had all died, too. I planted three last year, and had to replant one because it just rotted in the ground. Two have survived! We love (love) rhubarb, however, so I’ll probably plant a few more this year, probably out on the other side of the shed where they’ll be more protected and happy. May move these ones as well — one is just in a bad spot down by the vegetable beds, and the other is in the soon-to-be-herb garden. Rhubarb can get huge, however, so I don’t really want it taking over too much space there, so i’ll move it once I figure out a better spot for it.


Last year I planted 5 little chive sproutlings in one of the raised beds (along with oregano, sage, thyme, cilantro and a few other herbs), and they’ve survived! In fact they’re going bonkers already. They will be moved from the raised beds into the new soon-to-be herb bed along the side/back of the house.

Hot peppers

I have five flats of hot peppers that are currently living on shelves by the back door in the kitchen. They’re doing super well, but I did start them a little early. These will be planted out in mid-June, along with the tomatoes, tomatilloes, and cucumbers. Hot pepper varieties this year: Jalapeno, Poblano, Hungarian Hot Wax, Cayenne, Guajillo, Anaheim, Orange Habanero, Peach Habanero, and Carribean Red Habanero. Five flats will fill three raised beds and give us enough peppers (hopefully!) to make a year’s worth of pickled peppers, dried peppers (for chili powder, etc), and hot sauce.

And that’s the story for today. More soon, since this week (if the weather cooperates), I’ll be planting leeks, onions, shallots, radish, scallions, turnips, and peas!