Our 2018 garden plan (and its ongoing evolution)…


We built 10 raised garden beds the first summer we were in our new house and, even though we started pretty late in the season, we grew zucchini, peas, snap beans, chard, kale, lettuces, tiny little tomatoes, beets, and a handful of other things. We knew it was going to be a short season, but we wanted to get some stuff in the ground.


The second summer (last year), we added 15 more raised beds and grew tomatoes (so many), garlic, hot peppers, radishes, spring onions, onions, ground cherries, cucumbers, cucamelons, tiny little watermelons, dry beans, snap beans, zucchini, winter squash, strawberries, peas, beets, carrots, parsnips, chard, kale, a ton of different herbs, and probably a bunch of other stuff I’ve forgotten.

Last year we also dug up four of the original raised beds and planted asparagus, which (if it works) we should be able to start eating in…oh…two or three years. We also planted raspberries, blueberries, black currants, and haskap which should also be full size in 3-4 years. Some gardening is a longer play.


This year we’re not building any new raised beds, but we will be changing the back flower gardens into the permanent herb/greens garden, turning the hill by the driveway into a huge squash patch, and expanding last year’s squash beds for corn & pole beans (and also squash). We may also plant some fruit trees (apple and plum, maybe cherry, maybe apricot, etc.) if we get that sorted out soon, but it may also wait for next year.

Anyhow, I will probably blog about all of this more as we go — last year I mostly posted about this stuff on Facebook & Twitter, but those posts may as well be gone since trying to find older stuff on those sites is a fool’s errand. So, here we are.