Herb seeds started, woot woot!

As per my previous post, we’re going to renovate the (currently sad, overgrown, and neglected) flower gardens along the south and east sides of the house and turn them into a permanent garden for herbs and greens.

To kick that off, I started herb seeds today! Woo! These are all multisown in 3″ pots, and the second column is the number of pots for each. Marjoram and Lion’s Mane chives aren’t done yet because I am still waiting for those seeds to arrive, but those should be along soon enough.

I have sketched a rough plan for the herb/greens garden layouts, and…well… it turns out you can cram a lot of plants into 160 sq ft of garden. In addition to the herbs on the list, it will also contain: kale, chard, shiso, mustards, dandelion (yes, shush), mizuna, arugula, and spinach. I don’t really bother with lettuces ‘cuz why would you when there are Much More Interesting greens to grow & eat? Yum.