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Slow-launching a new Etsy shop:
Aunty Maude’s Vintage Curiosities!

I’ve had some success with Etsy over the years, and I keep finding more things I want to do with that platform. Most recently, I’ve been collecting and curating some of my favourite vintage artwork and making it available in a new shop, which I’m calling “Aunty Maude’s Vintage Curiosities“.

At Aunty Maude’s you’ll find a growing array of vintage public domain works that I have collected, curated and retouched to make available as fine art giclee prints in sizes up to 17×22″. Prices are the same as in my other shops (Canada Stamp Art, USA Stamp Art, and the photography at Parchment Moon Prints), and shipping is currently free within North America.

I’m still working on collecting, editing and adding listings, but there are already nearly 100 items available, including vintage botanical watercolors, plates from Audubon’s “Birds of America”, and a vast array of vintage posters and advertisements.

I hope you’ll take a look and let me know what you think!

If you were wondering, Aunty Maude is a real person to whom I am actually related. Unfortunately, she passed away before I was able to meet her, but my Mom always assured me that we would have been fast friends. It’s a little odd to miss someone you never met, but here we are.

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