House & Home


As I’ve mentioned previously, Rob and I found and purchased a cute little house on a gorgeous bit of land in record time. And the house is great — really well built, very well maintained, new roof, new windows, dry basement, great insulation, etc.

There were two problems, however:

  1. It was decorated in the mid 1980s and never updated
  2. The kitchen

So we’re having some renovations done. The painting and minor cosmetic stuff we’ll do ourselves, but we’ve hired some folks to rip out and replace all of the existing flooring, and to design, gut and rebuild our kitchen/dining room.

The two major issues with the kitchen were that it had no space for a dishwasher, and it was small & dark and sort of weirdly cramped. I also hate having the fridge right beside the stove, but that may just be me.

Here’s what it looked like right after we bought the house (aka: Kitchen Renovation Before):

kitchen renovation before

Here’s what it looks like currently (Kitchen Renovation During):

kitchen renovation during

As you can see, we’re opening the kitchen up entirely and merging it with the dining area to make one bigger and brighter eat-in kitchen. The dining table will be in the middle and double as a large island/prep area. The floors will be a lovely grey-tinged (wet-moppable) laminate that will carry through to the living room. The rest of the house will have warm neutral-grey carpet.

We have also ordered all new appliances including a kickass slide-in dual-fuel gas stove from KitchenAid. We are ridiculously excited about this — we had a very similar stove in our old house in Moncton and have missed it dearly.

I promise that we’ll post (many) “after” images once it’s all done.

Tomorrow the floor guys are coming in, after which Rob and I will finish painting and (finally) start moving in. We’ll be without a full kitchen for a few weeks yet, so it will only be a part-time move-in, but at least we’ll start getting set up and (soon) stop living out of gorramn duffle bags.

I am pretty tired of living out of a duffle bag.