House & Home

Just about finished in Toronto…

Rob and I are in Moncton this week, having just driven the third and final truckload of our stuff here from Toronto. Everything we own is now stashed in a pair of storage units where it will live until we buy a house and some land here in New Brunswick.

In a couple of days we’ll drive back to Toronto to finish up there, then it’s one last one-way drive back to Moncton, wherein the house-hunting fun begins.

Our goal at this point is to find property that is 10+ acres, has a small but well-kept house, and has decent high speed internet. Extra outbuildings (barns, garages, greenhouses, sheds, etc) would be a significant bonus, but aren’t a hard requirement.

Once we find a place & move in, we have a bunch of stuff we want to get accomplished before winter:

    • whatever maintenance and repairs need to be done to the house & other buildings so they’re sound for winter
    • buy a generator, a lawn mower, a snow blower & any other tools we need (second-hand wherever possible)
    • buy & install a wood stove (if there isn’t one already) & make sure we have a few cord of wood for the winter
    • plan the permaculture part of the gardens (fruit trees, etc)
    • plan our first year vegetable & herb gardens
    • build & mulch some double-dug raised vegetable beds
    • prep & mulch soil for the herb garden
    • prep & mulch soil for fruit canes, shrubs and trees
    • prep & mulch soil for an asparagus bed
    • prep & mulch soil for rhubarb plants
    • prep & mulch soil for growing regular row crops (mostly beans)
    • set up shelves and grow lights for an indoor winter salad & herb garden and for seed-starting in late winter
    • order fruit canes, fruit trees, asparagus crowns, rhubarb plants, seed potatoes, etc
    • order vegetable and herb seeds
    • order and plant a lot of garlic

On top of all of this, Rob will be writing the third book in the New Providence series, and I’ll be working on a bunch of new prints & relaunching my Etsy shop(s). (I have nascent plans for three new shops in addition to Parchment Moon…but more news on that later!)

Right now, it’s raining and it’s quiet. There is no traffic noise. No sounds of people going past on the sidewalk. No sirens or honking or noise from the neighbours. Nothing but the rain.

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