House & Home

There and back again…

The lede:

Rob and I have sold our house in Toronto and are moving back out east at the end of May. We are very excited about it.

The longer version:

A little over a year ago, Rob and I both quit our tech jobs to make time for our creative pursuits. We have now decided to extend that indefinitely.

We have also decided to get out of the city, and have just sold our place in Toronto. Our plan now is to head out east, buy a small house on a few of acres of land, and grow a bunch of vegetables & chickens & bees while we continue on with our writing, photography, art and other creative work.

If you know us at all, you know that this was not a decision lightly made, but is something we’ve been thinking about and planning for several years. We finally decided to pull the trigger in January, and here we are.

We also plan to blog and podcast and release ridiculous videos, but all of that is a little further down the road. Right now our next steps are to move the rest of our crap out east (80% of it is already out there, if you were wondering why we’ve been driving so much lately), and then spend a couple of months finding a little house with some land, somewhere around Moncton, NB.

That’s about it. Stay tuned, I guess! If you have follow up questions, you probably know how to find us.

In the mean time, be sure to check out Rob’s first novel (book 2 coming soon!) and my Etsy shop.

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